News:       Available : Air America in Laos - the Lima Sites : here

29 airfields in photoreal ground textures including Vientiane, Pakse,
Long Tieng and 26 Lima Sites airstrips, new objects libraries (many custom objects)
AI & static airplanes (Porter, C-123, Caribou). Revised lanclass (Bolovens plateau)
Required : FSX Vietnam War project Base pack V0.9,  Airfields pack 1 and
World Wide SRTM West Asia by Raimundo Taburet and J. De Ferranti in 5 parts, available at Flightsim and Simviation websites (see included documentation).


About the Project

The project was motivated by our desire to recreate for Flight Simulator X the aerial campaign that took place over the countries of South East Asia during the period 1963 – 1975. For that purpose, airbases, airports and airstrips had to be recreated for Vietnam (North and South), Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Furthermore American airbases outside the war zone like Andersen (Guam), Clark (Philippines), Elmendorf (Alaska), Kadena (Japan), and Ching Chuan Kang (Taiwan) have also been worked on.

The team project :
Xavier Carré
Jacques Godfrin
José Guenaizia

This project include :

Updated :July 2010
100 airfields are completed, to see list : click here

Additional sceneries
Additional sceneries such as :China beach, Panama Radar station at Monkey Mountain, De Long piers at Cam Ranh, Rocket ridge, Ha Tien harbour, Tien Sha ramp, Solid Anchor naval base (Nam Can),  FSB Danger...have also been completed.

AI traffic, AI airplanes
All these airfields have been represented with static airplanes from Guy Diotte as well as with some 30 AI airplanes such  : C-130, C-123, C-124, F-100, F-105, EC-121, P-3, OV-1, OV-10 for which permission has been granted by the authors

Objects libraries
Similarly, objects from various sources such as the default FSX Objects libraries, the Vietnam war objects from Al Simms, Jim Dhaenens Shelters, radars and lights, static airplanes from Guy Diotte,
Military Ground Service Equipment from John Stinstrom
Vintage Military Buildings SS FS9 scenery objects by Sidney Schwartz
have been used to increase the realism of those military air bases.

Vietnam War project object libray is now available, see details and link at downloads page
In order to provide ALL objects required, an Object library folder has been created,  and Readme included in the Vietnam War project Lib folder

Further activities will address a full fledged  technical airport documentation, and a AI trafic covering all SEA.

Downloads links to objects libraries and utilities

Flight plans
French and english documentations

Contact :

M113 near Dak To
Bird Dog by Massimo Taccoli - M113 by Al Simms
Old french blockhaus
Huey over FSB Danger

FSX Vietnam War project - Base pack version 0.9
FSX SP1/SP2 needed - Acceleration optionnal, recommended
Released here , and at  Sim-Outhouse, FlightSim, Simviation

Some repaints, and links to needed objects libraries are available at : Downloads.

Enjoy !
Xavier Carré - Jacques Godfrin
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The FSX Vietnam War project is not compatible with DX10.
OrbX customers, don't forget to activate FSX default scenery in FTX Central
NL2K users, you must have to disable NL2K sceneries, they have replace Guy Diotte USAF C-130 by Nederland textures.
A french forum, as test, is opened, english one to follow: here.
A trouble with Installation on Windows SEVEN ? :
Need bombs to drop, objects libraries and utilities ?
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